I can’t believe we’ve started another year. I’m just finishing book 3 in the Texas Heat series when book 2 isn’t even out yet. That’s the way the publishing business works, you know. So look for TEXAS FIRE, available for preorder now, to come out May 2. TEXAS PRIDE is an October release. If you haven’t read TEXAS HEAT yet, why not?

     I’m having fun writing about my native Texas. This series about big oil in the Lone Star State gave me a chance to use a lifetime of knowledge about everything from ranches to rodeos and to show you that we have big cities here. No, I don’t ride a horse or have an oil derrick in my back yard. But I know people who do. So say howdy to the series and buckle up for a steamy ride.

     Okay, so maybe I’m laying it on a little thick. But I love Texas, where everything’s larger than life and we enjoy barbeque but not the gridlock on our freeways. Creating characters who live and love here has proven to me that I can enjoy making up stories even if they aren’t my usual vampire tales. Do I miss the paranormals? You bet. And I’m getting back to them as fast as I can. Look for more in the near future. I plan to continue to do both-contemporary love stories that are emotional and sexy as well as the kind of romps that made you love Glory and Jerry for so many years. Yes, it’s been years with those two.

     The first Real Vampires book hit shelves in 2007. What a wonderful ride it has been. REAL VAMPIRES AND THE VIKING has been a great success and convinced me that this series cannot die. Of course my loyal fans make everything possible and I can’t thank you enough. You’ve kept Jet in kibble and me in air conditioned comfort for so long now, I can’t believe it. Yes, it is hot here in southeast Texas. Why do you think I named a series Texas Heat? Keep reading and I’ll keep writing.

     May all your New Year’s wishes come true. I don’t make resolutions, I make goals. My number one goal this year? To give you another Glory and Jerry book. Hold my feet to the fire if I don’t deliver, okay?



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