I’m a Texas gal, born and raised. I remember going to downtown Houston to see the Rodeo parade as a teenager. We’d dress in jeans and western shirts and hope we’d run into cute boys. Such fun. I saw some famous stars at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Hated to watch bull riding and other daredevil sports that I was afraid might hurt the cowboys or the animals. I’ve been a few times in recent years and it seems safer and easier to watch with big screens showing all the action. Still love those big stars…

Have Curves smallAm I a cowgirl? Nope, though I have the boots. I was raised in the big city. My Grandpa had a small ranch in East Texas. I rode on the back of a horse once with my uncle and decided it was too far off the ground for this short girl.

Anyway, I think Texas is a great place to live. No wonder most of my books are set here. Then there’s the twist… Yes, I love to write fantasy–those REAL VAMPIRES books with my gal Gloriana St. Clair.

Texas Reckless by Gerry BartlettI also have been reading mysteries since the days of Nancy Drew. So my romantic suspense series was born. My latest, Texas Reckless, is even set on a ranch. I really had to use my imagination there. Well, and visit my gal pal Pattie’s beautiful ranch outside of Austin for a reminder of what it’s like outside my city life. She was raised in the city, too, but married a man who wanted the outdoor life. You never know where romance will take you. Sometimes it’s just between the pages of your favorite book.

Keep reading. I do, every day.


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