Welcome to the real Gerry Bartlett website. Facebook told me someone was pretending to be me. Really? If they want to pay my bills or figure out how to write my next book, they can try to take over. But seriously, it makes you wonder why someone would do that. I guess the pandemic made them just bored enough to look for a life that might be more interesting than theirs and try mine out. Trust me, staring at a keyboard in search of the perfect word is no picnic.

Yes, I’m just like all of you, struggling to figure out what to do after too much isolation, too much time to think about what’s important, and even losing a friend last year. It wasn’t to Covid but that didn’t make it any easier. I hope you are coming out of the gloom and into the light. That’s why I write books with some humor and I always guarantee a happy ending. I spent a lot of time reading the past two years and some of those books were downers! I guess I’ll have to read the spoilers on Goodreads to make sure that doesn’t happen again. I do review the books I like there. Follow me and I’ll tell you my honest opinions. If I can’t finish a book, I don’t post about it.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is gerry-with-flowers.jpgSpring is coming here in Texas. Flowers that didn’t get nipped in our recent freeze are starting to bloom and I’m writing again. I’ve started and stopped on a couple of books and now I’m thinking of starting a new series. I guess I had what I call Pandemic brain. The fear and uncertainty got to me. But I’m on the mend now, meeting with friends and walking most days—outside. I’m trying to eat right and move around. It’s not easy since I do love to watch TV, lie in my bed and read, read, read. If you’re like me, let’s vow to take care of ourselves. Better days are coming. Don’t you feel it? I do! Hang in there with me.

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