Texas Romance

The TEXAS HEAT series

Texas Heat

Texas Heat 2Cassidy Calhoun can’t believe she’s the secret daughter of an oil billionaire. The terms of her late father’s will say she—and her newfound spoiled half-siblings—must work a year at the family’s floundering business before they inherit a dime. Too bad the only thing Cass knows about oil is that it makes the junker she drives go. Mason MacKenzie, the evaluator for their test, will help her get up to speed. Or will he? Mason also runs Calhoun Petroleum’s biggest rival. The sparks between him and Cassidy could combust any minute. The closer they get, the more dangerous their relationship becomes.  [more at bookseller sites]

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Texas Fire

texas fireMegan Calhoun has to last a year in the oil patch, in the dust and heat of West Texas, working for her late daddy’s company. Otherwise she’s cut off without a cent—and no way to earn one. The only upside is her new pal Rowdy Baker, ex-football star, Calhoun engineer, and grade-A stud. If she has to live in a trailer, his doesn’t sound so bad. But Rowdy knows everyone from the foremen to the stockholders is spitting mad at the Calhouns, and he expects trouble ahead. Megan has never been scared in her life. And with Rowdy to help her plot, she has the chance of a lifetime: to find her calling, to fix her company, and, if she doesn’t screw it up—to capture a heart . . .

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Texas Pride

Texas Pride

It’s not Shannon Calhoun’s first rodeo. She’s supposed to be running the show. But since her father’s will landed her in a wretched cubicle typing out press releases, she’s been trapped in a job with no prospects, no control—and barely any cash. Long before he became Houston’s best defense attorney, Billy had a thing for the spoiled rich girl who got away. But now that Shannon is hustling to save the family business, she’s more irresistible than ever. Too bad about the murder investigation and the fraud that’s going to bring the company crashing down around her. Unless, of course, his Texas princess actually pulls off the save of a lifetime.

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Texas Lightning

Coming, November 2018

Check back here for a cover reveal and more details



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