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Texas PrideI’m excited that the third book in the Texas Heat series, TEXAS PRIDE, will be RELEASED ON OCTOBER 3. Of course the book is already available for pre-order. I hope you enjoy it. This is Shannon Calhoun’s story. She’s reunited with an old flame who will help the Calhoun family with the scandal that their daddy caused when he started Calhoun Petroleum based on cheating and lies. The heat between Shannon and lawyer Billy Pagan is explosive. All I can say is, I had to take a lot of cold showers writing this one. Enjoy!

I’ve also started work on the first of three new Texas books for Kensington‘s suspense line, Lyrical Liaison. These will be spin-offs from the Texas Heat series, using characters from the first three books but set in the Austin area. I’ll let you know more details as I get them but I look forward to helping some of the minor characters you’ll meet in the first three books find a happily ever after in these future reads.

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