Austin, Texas at night
“This debut novel about a fashion-savvy vampire is a real winner. With humorous dialogue, multidimensional characters and a page-turning plot, it leaves readers eagerly awaiting the next novel in the series. Bartlett brings a fresh spin to paranormal chick lit with this clever combination of suspense and humor and wonderful style. Hang on to your seats—this book is a wild ride!”—Romantic Times Book Reviews
1. Real Vampires Have Curves
from Berkley Publishing

What—did you think all vamps were pale, thin and brooding?

Don’t I wish.

   Me, I just happened to be bloating when a sexy Scotsman sank his teeth into me, so here I am, eternally “full-figured.” On the plus side, Glory St. Clair can rock a corset like nobody’s business. Oh, and as for Angus Jeremiah Campbell III, aka Jeremy Blade? We’ve been on and off again for centuries, currently off. After a couple hundred years we sure know how to press each other’s hot buttons—in good ways and bad.

   The whole never-aging thing means that a girl’s gotta keep moving, and I’m headed for Austin and a new business venture: Vintage Vamp’s Emporium. After all, I love cute clothes, and I am an antique. Only problem is, there’s a billionaire techno-freak vampire hunter on the loose. Blade’s in total he-vampire mode, and orders me to move in so he can “protect” me. But I’m sick of the not-so-little woman thing. It’s time for this vamp to explore her own powers . . . .
2. Real Vampires Live Large
from Berkley Publishing

   Gloriana St. Clair, full-figured vampire and entrepreneur, doesn’t understand why life has to be so complicated.

   First, her shop is fire bombed by a frustrated vamp hunter, then long-time lover Jeremy Blade abandons her to hunt the hunter. She’s determined to get her business and her love life back on track, but she becomes the target of Energy Vampires. The EVs want to— excuse me?--suck out her stored power to make Vampire Viagra.

   The EVs are paranormal drug pushers taking advantage of the boredom that immortals experience after centuries of “Been there, done that”. Their Vamp Viagra is expensive and addictive. Even Glory’s roomie, Florence daVinci, is tempted by their charismatic leader and his promises of “fulfillment”.

   Glory won’t cooperate willingly, but, when the scumbags rob her faithful doggie protector Valdez of his power, that gets her attention. Glory will do anything to save him, even shape-shift into something the jaded EVs can’t fight. Can Glory kick EV butt, run a successful business and find a man who appreciates a woman with ... appetites?
3. Real Vampires Get Lucky
from Berkley Publishing

When a female loan shark named Lucky is attacked and left for dead, vampire Glory St. Clair turns her into one of the undead to save her––but eternity would have been safer without her.

Vamps prefer a low profile, and that’s not Lucky’s style. She prefers to flaunt her sexy rock-star ex-boyfriend and great shoes.

Trouble is, her flamboyant behavior is not only drawing every vampire hunter within miles— it’s bringing her would-be killer out of hiding, too.

“...A vampire who even Buffy could love” --A Romance Review.

“A sharp, sassy, sexy read”  and
"...a sizzling new series."
—Kimberly Raye, USA Today
bestselling author of
Dead End Dating

©Copyright April, 2021. Gerry Bartlett
Real Vampires Get Lucky (#3 in the series)
Real Vampires Live Large (#2 in the series)
"Full-figured vampire Glory bursts from the page in this lively, fun and engaging spin on the vampire mythology."
Julie Kenner, USA Today Bestselling Author of Carpe Demon
“Hot and hilarious. Glory is everywoman with fangs.”
Nina Bangs
NYTimes Bestselling Author of A Taste of Darkness
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The Real Vampires series,
featuring curvaceous Glory St. Clair
5. Real Vampires
Hate Their Thighs
from Berkley Publishing

REAL VAMPIRES HATE THEIR THIGHS, book 5 in the REAL VAMPIRES series, sends Glory St. Clair to Hollywood for the Grammy awards show with rock star Israel Caine. Here's her chance to walk the red carpet and be on national TV.

When she meets a vamp diet guru who promises he can help her finally shed those extra pounds she's been carrying for over four hundred years, she's all for it. But he's longtime lover Jeremy Blade's ancient enemy. Could this guy have a hidden agenda? And can vamps really lose their curves?

When the diet drugs begin having strange side effects a vamp war threatens to break out. Just what or who is Glory willing to sacrifice for her dream of being thin?

"Real vampires, real fun, real sexy!"
--Kerrelyn Sparks, New York Times
author of the Love At Stake series

"Glory, Glory, hallelujah! I love this series!"
Kerrelyn Sparks, NYT bestselling author of
4.  Real Vampires Don't Diet
from Berkley Publishing

   First Glory's stood up on New Year's Eve by her long time main squeeze Jeremy Blade. Then a moonlight boat ride on Austin's Lake Travis with newly turned vampire, rock star Israel Caine (Ray) goes horribly wrong. Who knew there was a Siren lurking in the lake just waiting for her chance to lure unsuspecting vampires into a trap? Now Glory and Ray are racing against time to find vampire sacrifices or they're doomed.

   With the storm of the century threatening to wash out her new home and an old enemy taking aim at her, things don't look good for Glory.

   As for her relationship with Blade? Well, Glory wonders if maybe it's time to cut her longtime lover loose.

   Valdez is at her side as usual, along with her friends who won't let Glory go down without a fight. Surely all this action is bound to help our curvy vamp lose a pound or two. You think?
Real Vampires Don't Diet (coming January 2009)

6. Real Vampires
Have More to Love
from Berkley Publishing
Glory St. Clair is a vampire with problems. First there's her on-again, off-again lover Jeremy Blade, back in town and expecting her to fall into his arms again. Doesn't he remember that they have issues? And what about smoking hot rock star Israel Caine? He's back, too, and sinking his fangs into someone else.Glory told him to move on, but did she have to be so thin? At least Valdez is still loyal. But her former bodyguard is no longer dogging her. Instead, he's now a hunky guy determined to share her apartment and maybe something more. So much man-candy is enough to make even a gal with a liquid diet feel a sugar rush.

No time to enjoy it though, with a pair of hunters playing beat the clock as they try to win the fortune a techno-freak billionaire left behind. The stakes are high and Glory's the prize in this vamp hunting contest. Dodging arrows and arranging a bachelorette party for her BFF may just prove to be too much for even this clever vamp who has more to love…
REAL VAMPIRES HAVE MORE TO LOVE has more action and plot-twists than any Hollywood blockbuster! Just when you think things may work out for Glory, something new pops up into the mix. Real vampires will definitely have more to love in this novel!
Reader to Reader Reviews

7. Real Vampires
Don't Wear Size Six
from Berkley Publishing
Curvy vampire Glory St. Clair kicked out the demon that had set up shop in her body, but she had some serious fallout, mainly to her relationship with longtime lover Jeremy Blade.  Before Glory can win him back, she has a few issues of the hellish variety to deal with.

First, some visitors from the Dark Side want to make her their hell-buddy, and they definitely like to fight dirty.  Second, the local vampire council is after Glory to clean up her act, or they'll run her out of town.  To pacify them, she has to mentor a vamp fledgling, a computer whiz with a fashion phobia. And to top it all off, Lucifer himself offers Glory the ultimate temptation: work for the devil and he'll make her the size six she's always lusted after.

Glory's not sure if she can resist such an offer, but there are a few things the full-figured vamp knows for sure.  Somehow, she's going to get back the man she loves, keep the business she needs, and teach her nerdy newbie that size doesn't matter.
“There is a little something for every reader in this story: sex, laughter [and] romance.”
--The Romance Readers Connection.

8. Real Vampires
Hate Skinny Jeans
from Berkley Publishing
     Full-figured vampire Glory St. Clair thinks things are finally going her way. She's no longer possessed by a demon, the legions of hell aren't on her tail, and her love life is heating up since she managed to reconnect with her maker-and longtime lover-Jeremy Blade.

     But when a pregnant demon shows up on her doorstep, Glory knows that everything is about to go to hell in a hand basket. Alesa is claiming that the baby she's carrying is Rafe's, conceived while she was inhabiting Glory's body.

     Glory is pretty sure Alesa isn't being honest, but she's determined to stand by Rafe, despite the fact that Blade wants her to stay out of the whole thing. With no one really sure what to do with a demon baby on the way, Glory has way more to worry about than fitting into her favorite pair of jeans…
"Real vampires, real fun, real sexy!"
--Kerrelyn Sparks, New York Times
author of the Love At Stake series

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9. Real Vampires
Know Hips Happen
from Berkley Publishing

Does plaid make your butt look big?
          Glory St. Clair knows that it does. But she'll even throw on a Campbell kilt if it will help her win her hunky Scottish lover back. She's risked everything to cross the Atlantic to confront him in Scotland. Now powerful forces are determined to keep them apart. An attack on Jeremiah Campbell leaves him with amnesia and he doesn't remember her or their centuries together. Glory must win her man back and prove to her nemisis that she's where she's always wanted to be, even if it means dragging Jerry back to Texas.
          Jeremiah doesn't remember the woman who claims they've been together so long but he's more than willing to take what she freely offers--her ancient blood and her voluptuous body. But when she tries to get him to travel to the New World in a flying machine and to work with his ancient enemy, he thinks she's cracked. In his mind, he's stuck in 1590. This modern world is almost too much for him. But there's something about this woman with the generous curves... Soon enough he finds himself risking death for her more than once. Who or what seems determined to keep them apart? The ancient warrior in him won't stand for it. And the fight is on.

10. Real Vampires
Know Size Matters
from Berkley Publishing

Just when curvaceous vampire Glory St. Clair has her life semi-on track, a woman from her longtime lover Jeremiah Campbell's past steamrolls into town on a mission to win him back. Normally Glory wouldn't feel threatened by a mortal with amorous intentions, but Jerry's ex just happens to be a beautiful voodoo priestess with evil spirits at her beck and call-and a serious lack of conscience when it comes to getting what she wants.

With her mother in the picture now, desperate to get Glory up to Olympus, Glory has her hands full. This time not even her new powers may be enough to help Glory cook up a solution that will help her keep the man she loves.


Real Vampires Take a
Bite out of Christmas

Does plaid make your butt look big?
          It's the holiday season and vampire Glory St. Clair finally sets a wedding date. But will a hit ordered on a dear friend ruin Glory's chance for an eternity of wedded bliss?
          Find out in REAL VAMPIRES TAKE A BITE OUT OF CHRISTMAS, a novella featuring the gang from the best-selling Real Vampires series by Gerry Bartlett.

11. Real Vampires
Say Read My Hips
from Dragon Lady Publishing

Be Careful What You Wish For…

Curvy vampire Glory St. Clair has a lot of things on her wish list: a perfect figure, to eat chocolate again, and to marry her hunky Highlander Jeremiah Campbell of course. Then there's the family she's always wanted. At least she's about to marry Jerry--until her mother kidnaps her the week before the wedding.

What's a girl to do?

She's in Olympus and a goddess. Glory doesn't mind waking up with a perfect figure and an appetite for hamburgers, but where are her fangs? Seems blood suckers aren't welcome in Olympus. And her powerful grandfather wouldn't approve of her former lifestyle. He's eager to meet her and arrange an "appropriate" marriage. Glory is desperate to go home to the man she loves. Will her powerful family ever let her go? When Jerry arrives in Olympus determined to fight for her, Glory is afraid they will never have the forever life together they'd planned. It will take all of her goddess powers to make this final dream come true.  

from Dragon Lady Publishing

You met Rafe in the Real Vampires series as Glory St. Clair's bodyguard Valdez. Now see what happens when he gets his own story in Rafe and the Redhead.

When his best friend gets married, Rafe realizes it's time to get his own life in order. His lady, were-cat Lacy, is pregnant and he wants to step up before the babies, triplets, are born. Lacy figures he's only willing to give her a ring because his true love is no longer available. Rafe is determined to woo and win the woman he loves.

But before that can happen, he's taken away at gunpoint to his dying grandfather's bedside. He'd left his shape-shifter clan centuries ago and never wanted to return, but Grandfather needs him now. Can Rafe help save the old man and the clan? Will a woman with an agenda come between Lacy and Rafe? And how can a were-cat and a shape-shifter find their own happily ever after when the families from both sides are dead set against their union? Read Rafe and the Redhead to find out.

12. Real Vampires
and the Viking
from Dragon Lady Publishing

A honeymoon surprise…

When vampire Gloriana St. Clair finally says “I do.” to her longtime lover and sire Jeremy Blade, she expects there to be a honeymoon. What she doesn’t expect is to be whisked away to Sweden where they will have twenty hours of pleasure each long, long night. Sounds perfect except…

A sleigh ride in the snow, a picnic in a cave and then there’s an ice-quake. What should land at Glory’s feet but a man, frozen for a thousand years. He’s a Viking and a vampire, cast out by his enemies for the fortune he’d hidden away all those years ago. Company on their honeymoon? No, thanks. But they can’t just leave him. When he falls for Jerry’s beautiful cousin, it’s a disaster in the making. Especially when her jealous husband is a fiendish weapons manufacturer who has created a weapon that could prove deadly for all decent vampires everywhere.

The blissful honeymoon soon becomes a race against time, a fight for their lives and a chance to help a fierce Viking prove that some vampires can and should live forever. 

13. Real Vampires:
When Glory Met Jerry
from Dragon Lady Publishing

A mysterious past, a desperate present and an uncertain future. What's a girl to do?

     Young widow Gloriana St. Clair has lost everything-her memory, her husband, even the pallet where she'd been sleeping since her money ran out. Near starvation, she's forced to try her luck in the alley next to the Globe Theater. With her curves displayed in a borrowed dress, maybe she can attract a generous and caring protector to support her.

     Jeremiah Campbell is drawn to Gloriana immediately and makes his move. The handsome Scot certainly catches her eye and even buys her a meat pie when he hears her empty stomach rumbling. Glory decides she has no choice but to go with him when he offers his arm for a "stroll." At least his eyes are kind. But an attack by thugs soon shows her that this man can also be dangerous. When she sees his fangs? Well, surely she imagined them. Because vampires aren't real, are they?

     This prequel to the Real Vampires series begins the love story between vampire Jeremiah Campbell and mortal Gloriana St. Clair in 1604 London.

14. Real Vampires:
A Highland Christmas
from Dragon Lady Publishing

A new vampire with a hunger to please…

Gloriana St. Clair would do anything to stay with her lover Jeremiah Campbell. She proved it by turning vampire so they could be together forever. But this new life is hard. Days, she is dead and nights she must learn to hunt, well, prey. Like the pretty maid selling sticky buns on the corner. Torture! Glory misses food, hot chocolate and sunlight.

The worst? Jeremiah is dragging her to meet his parents in Scotland. His father is Laird of his clan. If only there were a ring on Glory's finger. What will his mother say when Jeremiah brings his mistress home for a jolly Christmas surprise?

Glory is stalked by an ancient vampire during the perilous journey in this prequel set in 1604. There's even more danger awaiting her at Castle Campbell deep in the Scottish Highlands. Will Jeremiah's love be enough to keep this from this becoming a far from merry Christmas?

15. Real Vampires:
Glory and the Pirates
from Dragon Lady Publishing

She’s fighting for her life and her love…

Vampire Gloriana St. Clair comes with her lover to the coast of Scotland where Jeremiah Campbell is charged with ridding the land of the pirates plaguing the people there. It’s spring, a time for new beginnings, and Glory is eager to see her new home. Too bad it’s a stone nightmare.

Then the pirates attack and Glory is swept up in a fight for her life with the queen of the pirates herself. It’s horrifying.

Wounded and afraid, Glory is glad to make a new friend, Florence daVinci. This is a woman who has lived for centuries and knows how to protect herself. Can Glory learn to do the same?

With witches warning her, and more pirates seeking revenge, Glory has to find her courage. Then she has to convince Jeremiah that she is strong enough to fight and win her own battles.

But is she? Only a last clash under the full moon holds the answer.

16. Real Vampires:
Glory Does Vegas
from Dragon Lady Publishing

Gambling on her future in Las Vegas.

You’d think four-hundred-year-old vampire Glory St. Clair would have her act together by now. She loves her too handsome and always arrogant sire, Jeremiah Campbell. Now she wants to take charge of her own life and not just be known as Jeremiah’s “woman”.

She’s been drifting along all these years and what better place for a vampire than a city known for its night life? Las Vegas is teeming with vampires, shape-shifters and even demons. Some are willing to help her, but others? Starting over is hard, especially when you’re afraid of some of your powers and discovering new ones.

As she gains strength, Glory wonders if this fight is worth it. She might become her own woman, but will she end up pushing away the only man she’s ever loved? This gamble for her freedom may just be a risk she’s not willing to take.