Gerry Bartlett and Belle, her Bedlington Terrier
Glory St. Clair
     Gerry Bartlett is a native Texan who lives halfway between Houston and Galveston. She has an antique business in Alvin. When she's not treasure hunting, she loves heading to the Texas capitol of Austin where she attended the University of Texas. She's managed to set most of her REAL VAMPIRES series there and now a new LONE  STAR SUSPENSE series. She also loves writing about her hometown of Houston in her contemporary TEXAS HEAT series.

     Gerry collects cookbooks, but rarely cooks, and little boxes that she brings back from her travels. She also has a weakness for purses and posts pictures of her latest finds on Pinterest. When she has time, Gerry loves to read just about anything with a happy ending. Check out her reviews on Goodreads.

     This former elementary school teacher is lucky enough to have twenty-five published novels. Once a teacher, always a teacher. There are also dozens of articles for aspiring authors on her website under the Perils of Publishing tab. Be sure to sign up for her newsletter for news and giveaways. Whether it's contemporary or paranormal, Gerry Bartlett writes romance with a Texas twist.

Gerry would love to hear from readers at or
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League City, Texas
Austin, Texas at night
Gerry on Sixth Street in Austin, TX
Gerry with pal, Nina Bangs, as the two go Glam for the Adam Lambert concert in Houston.
SNOW! in Austin, Texas! February 2011
Courtesy,  the Austin American Statestman
Rebel Gerry with a bunch of wild highlanders on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. (August, 2011)
Gerry's fabulous Christmas vacation in Cancun!
A History of Strong Women
I'm with my Aunt Jackie(center) and my mom(right) on a shopping expedition. I've lost both of them now but we always had fun together. Mom taught me how to shop and they both taught me the importance of independence. It wasn't always easy for either of them to come by. What they were both great at was loving the people around them. I was so blessed to have them in my life!

I enjoy the antiques business because it gives me a reason to keep shopping. I usually have autographed copies of my books in my booth. If I happen to be there when a fan stops by, I love the chance to meet and personalize a book.
I love to travel and often it's to a writers' conference. I never stop learning.
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