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Dear Friends,

     I've been quarantined or sheltered in place since March. Whatever you want to call it, it's made me stay home more than usual as this pandemic rages. It's frightening and I pray none of my family or friends are hit by it. If you are one of my readers, I count you a friend and include you in those prayers.
     What am I doing? You could assume I'd be writing like the wind. Well, not really. It seems when a creative type like me is surrounded by stress and bad news, the muse runs away. Seriously. I cannot concentrate on the next Glory book, even with the best of intentions when I'm at my computer. Instead, I read emails, check the 'net then run away myself. I've been reading a lot and watching TV. The highlight of each week has been trip to the grocery store. Yes, I wear a mask. I'd be crazy not to. I also do curbside pickup for takeout meals. I have a couple of pals who are brave enough to visit me and we share those meals. Thank God for those friends!
     I hope you are reaching out for that human contact. I call old friends, writers I know and really, really old friends. I even texted a college roommate and we had a good time texting about old times. I live alone and my precious dog has died. No, I'm not ready to replace Jet yet, but talking to the TV doesn't cut it. So I yack on the phone or text. I hope you reach out as well. It's keeping me sane.
     I am working on a proposal for a new vampire series. I do love those hunky alpha males with fangs. And then there's the heroine who can't seem to resist him. If no publisher wants Romancing the Vampire, I may self-publish it. I have had fun creating the characters and the first book. So look for that in the future. As for Glory? Well, there's another prequel on my mind--Glory and the Pirates. How can I resist that idea for long?
     Stay safe and well.

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